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New York Times/Vulture published an interesting article about Seth Meyers talking about “Game of Thrones” and his (possible) involvement in her casting. Carice dated Seth’s brother Josh a few years ago.

He’s still super psyched for HBO to start airing new episodes of Thrones. In fact, “I used to live in Amsterdam, and a Dutch actress who I’m very good friends with [is on the show],” said Meyers. Would that be Thrones newcomer Carice van Houten? “Yeah! She’s [playing] Melisandre, which is really exciting. I don’t want to take full credit for it, but she knew I was a nerd about those books, and when she got offered the part, she sent me a text asking if she should do it, and I said yes. So I’m kind of on the hook for it.”
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Access Hollywood released their interview with Carice to promote “Games of Thrones“. Be sure to read it below/inside.

Among the sound of clinking glasses and rumbling conversation, Dutch-bred actress Carice van Houten is trying to carve out a private little corner to talk on the phone.

She’s on the road yet again — this time in Brussels — but despite the lack of home comforts or privacy, she’s open and engaging, as she tells Access Hollywood about her April 1 turn as Melisandre, the red priestess, in “Game of Thrones” Season 2.

Already a big deal in the Netherlands, her talents have landed her roles abroad — like in Jude Law’s “Repo Men,” and opposite Tom Cruise in “Valkyrie,” but it is her upcoming journey on “Game of Thrones,” that looks to make her a household name stateside.

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HBO released the featurette for Stannis Baratheon and is also features an on set interview with Carice and some unreleased footage of Carice as Melisandre. You can watch the featurette below, and we added the screen captures in our gallery.

Gallery Links:
Season 2 (2012) > Captures: Character Featurette – Stannis Baratheon

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Carice won her 5th (!!) Rembrandt Award last week in the Netherlands for her role in “Black Butterflies“. Congratulations Carice, we are so proud of you! The Rembrandt Awards are one of the biggest dutch movie award shows, it’s kind of like the People’s Choice Awards because the audience can vote for their favorites.

We added the first photos we could find of Carice attending the award ceremony in our gallery.

Gallery Links:
Public Appearances > 2012 > March 12th: Rembrandt Awards 2012

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The dutch distributor A-Film announced this week that Carice will star in the upcoming dutch comedy “Alles is Family” (Everything is Family). Carice starred in 2007 in the dutch comedy “Alles is Liefde” (Everything is Love) which is kind of the dutch “Love Actually”.

The movie will start shooting this summer and will premiere in Holland in November. It tells a story about a family who has to made a crucial decision. Carice will portray Winnie, a women who really wants to have a baby.

The movie will be directed by Joram Lürsen, who also directed “Alles is Liefde” and the whole cast will be announced next week. We are personally really excited for this film, since “Alles is Liefde” is one of the best comedies ever made in Holland!

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The poster for Carice’s upcoming film Jackie has been released. It looks lovely. Jackie will be released on May 10 in the Netherlands and May 16 in Belgium. No other release dates have been set so far.

Gallery Links:
Jackie > Posters & Cover Art

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The creators of “Game of Thrones” talked to DIY about the upcoming season and to promote the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the first season. They also talked about Carice for a bit.

Were you involved in casting Carice van Houten?
Weiss: Yes. That was one of the things we loved most about the show and why we’re so excited to be not just writing but executive producers is that we go to do the casting and had never had that opportunity before. The movies I’ve worked on the screenwriter has no say in casting. You can try and whisper in the director’s ear or if you know someone at the studio you can say, “what about this person?” But you have no power whatsoever. Whereas in television as the showrunners we’re responsible for the casting and it was a little intimidating at first because it’s a massive cast and we’ve never done it before and we’re trying to fill literally hundreds of roles. But it’s also for me one of the most rewarding things because there’s no more important decision in making a show or a movie than which actors play which roles. And so we’re able to cast Carice as Melisandre or Maisie Williams as Arya and then watch them inhabit those roles and really become the characters. It’s been thrilling for us.

How did you know her?
Benioff: From Black Book.
Weiss: And from Black Death I saw as well. All the black! And Black Butterflies with Liam Cunningham who is also in our cast.
Benioff: We had tried to meet with her for season one. We were really impressed with her work and she wasn’t available at that time. And when season two came around the part of Melisandre was open and we thought let’s take another shot at Carice it’s probably not going to happen because she obviously works so much but we managed to get her to Belfast for an audition and ten seconds in we knew she was the one.

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HBO released another trailer for the second season of “Games of Thrones“. Be sure to watch it below.

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